Our Lady

Surprisingly difficult to find a good title for this one, and I’m not sure about the tags. Labels are difficult. I even briefly wondered if she should wear a cross, but I decided against it for a number of reasons. I’m not even sure about the ‘Catholic’ tag. On the one hand, yes, obviously appropriate, but on the other hand, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t.

Let’s just not mention religion on holidays from now on, all right?

Mover and Shaker

Odin is a nasty bit of work even by deity standards, and he over-accessorizes. Still, you can’t say he’s not pretty cool. He’d kill you. The title “Mover and Shaker” is a clever(-ish) reference to two of his bazillion names, bynames, aliases, pseudonyms, and off-shore bank accounts. Odin exchanged one of his eyes for wisdom, meaning mostly he’s acutely aware of the inevitable, unpreventable doom that will befall him and all he cares about. Possibly that is the reason he tends to be a bit on the cranky side.

Big Time, Baby

Another schedule update! I promise this will be the last one until the next one. I’m gonna change posting times to midnight UTC for a while. Probably. Right now, I am also considering not having an official schedule at all. There’s advantages to it, but there’s also something to be said for being flexible and unpredictable. Can one be ever unpredictable yet always perfectly on time? Gotta be some kind of wizard to pull that one off… Time will tell…

True story: I own an hourglass, but I accidentally broke it, and now it’s stuck between moments. Presumably a shard of glass is blocking the sand… Yes, let’s go with that perfectly rational explanation, and not think about it any more ever again.

Defying Dignity

Note: My midnighthags.com domain expires soon if somebody wants to snag it up. I was pretty surprised it was available which is partly why I somewhat jumped the gun with acquiring it. I finally decided to let it go recently, though I haven’t given up on that project. For now, I’m just posting the pictures here. This one started with the third panel, which I liked so much I elaborated on it.


The Fairy Queen

Some time ago I got into drawing fairies for a while. All kinds, but mainly the small sparkly ones with wings. Now, I read a lot of fantasy (though not quite as much as back in the day), but I never particularly cared for fairies or even elves particularly. They seem to be really hard to write well as major characters. The only memorable one of the small, sparkly variety I can think of is Tinkerbell, and I never liked that vapid little sociopath all that much…

But I did eventuelly rememember one book that I got several times from the library as a kid and loved and of which I now, thanks to the Internet, own a copy myself: “Field Guide to the little People” by Nancy Arrowsmith, illustrated by the late Heinz Edelmann, of Yellow Submarine fame. It holds up.