Apologies for the in-jokes

There’s been a bit too many in-jokes here lately. Frankly, I’m not really in on all the jokes myself. I think somebody tried to prank me maybe. I suspect a cousin –but I’ve got lots of cousins– or it might have been an old nerd buddy who thought I might want to join an ARG or something.

Not sure. Mostly I was confused and did what I tend to do in that case–put on my best poker-face, confuse back in equal measure or more, and indulge in a bit of self-parody to show I don’t take it too seriously.

Anyhow. I tend to sort of “forget” that my little blog has something of an actual readership (it’s kind of intimidating though I’m getting used to it). So apologies to any innocent or not-so-innocent bystanders who felt excluded. I’m pretty sure it’s all either A) much ado about nothing or B) none of your beeswax, so in conclusion:

– I’m sort of vaguely sorry, I guess, though I’m not quite sure for what…

and to anyone who wants to apologize to me: 

– Don’t worry about it.

There’s a couple of old Chinese proverbs that apply (old man and horse/tree and walking stick/house and crow…), but there always are…always more to learn, always another storey, always another story…

See you in the funny pages and take care,


11 thoughts on “Apologies for the in-jokes

    1. Me neither, brilliantviewpoint. That’s sort of the issue…I also (conveniently) forgot to mention my own contribution to in-jokes (So ‘in’ that only I get them…for now): I’ve been thinking about retelling some strange old Chinese fox-spirit stories in my own style and with some of the…creepier stuff… modified a bit and been dropping *SUBTLE HINTS* about that. Self-promotion isn’t my strongest suit perhaps. Also, there’s delicate subjects involved. I’m pretty liberal and, well, to each their own, playing footsies I get but…long-story-short, I don’t like bowlderizing, but when an entertaining story is ruined (for me) by casual references to foot-bindings maybe a soft reboot (sorry) is called for.

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      1. I don’t know enough about the history of foot-bindings to comment on it except it seems very twisted. Sad, yes, but I’ve read fond, nostalgic recollections… wanting to be pretty, to be loved, to love, to be rich, wanting to be like everybody else, wanting to be like your parents…I don’t know. Sad, yes, but…perhaps that’s all that can be said about that.

        What stories about fox-spirits/fox-fairies have you read? Or, more to the point, can you perhaps recommend?

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      2. Two books I have read lately… Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang (this has a fox spirit in it) and Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo. I liked the first book better, but both interesting. THEN if you want some other books that I found interesting look up: Starry River on the Sky by Grace Lin (she has written a lot of great children’s books)…. Oh, and The Scent of Sake by Joyce Lebra was very good. Have fun reading.

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    1. I don’t think so? Mostly I’ve gotten some really odd spam and an alert that somebody tried to log in to an old account that I haven’t used for years…. But as far as I know I am writing all my posts myself.

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