one more thing…

To all my facebook peeps–I’ve neglected my humble wordpress origins for the probably fleeting glory (no offense) of MC MZ’s puppetshow (in-joke). So there will be special wordpress (&tumblr) content appearing…soon. I’ll say no more.

Anyhow, if you want all that tasty exclusive content…plz follow like comment on wordpress. Or bookmark if you prefer.

As some of you may have noticed I distanced myself from my twitter recently. Sadly, few of my over 9,000 followers there have gone to wordpress. Always suspected they were just being polite. Kind of sad. Things are getting a bit to complicated on facebook too, lately. We’ll see. After my vacation.

…You know I feel a bit sheepish about not posting any pictures. I guess it’s wordpress…Still. Waterver. I guess I’ve earned a repost or two by now. I’ll just pick something at random….

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