Where credit is due

Well, I guess I might have to get back to a schedule. It’d be a bit too much to post every passing notion, and make snapshots of everything I eat. I’d go back to my old MySpace account (Hi Tom) if I wanted to do that.

Einmal ist keinmal. (German proverb). I just remembered that I forgot to mention one of my inspirations (well, one in particular. I will never be able to list all), a very special, perhaps unique person. Something of a trickster figure, though perhaps lacking in subtlety a bit. But who am I to judge. Each according to his ability.

Anyhow. No hurry about that, but I guess I’ll get right to it. No time like the present!

Japanese fortune cookie

Maybe one of you guys can help me out here. Isn’t that a Taiwanese proverb origin ally? I’m going on vacation now (scuba diving in Kreta with my parents &). But there’s a few posts in the queue. Besides, I’m taking my Handy with me….

Anyhow. Don’t take me too seriously. Take me as goofy as I am.

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an I. Then it”s just fun.”–Austrian proverb