Kangxi Radical 110: 矛 máo Spear

Kangxi Radical 110: 矛 máo “spear” ☞


Update: So, the queue is in pretty decent shape right now. I’ll try to do the remaining characters in sequence, starting with 无.

Scheduled: 骨 卤 矢  疒 鬲 耳 皿 无 欠 毋 母 比 气 爪
Waiting in the wings: 爻 龠


矛 ~ máo ~ “spear” radical (110)
aka: Kangxi Radical Spear
矛 ~ máo ~ spear, lance, pike

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Kangxi Radical 93: 牛 niú Cow

Kangxi Radical 93: 牛 niú “cow” ☞


This character was actually a representation of a cow’s head, but one of the horns got lost somehow.



牛 (牜) ~ niú (niu2) ~ “cow” radical (93)
aka: cattle, 剔牛, Kangxi Radical Cow
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